This section contains information on Bankruptcy Law.

Long-term Personal Bankruptcy Implications

Declaring personal bankruptcy is one of the top stresses a family or individual can face. It is avoided at all costs and only considered as a means of last resort. In this troubled economy massive lay-offs have pushed many to financial ruin and so there has been a dramatic increase in personal bankruptcies.

How Business Bankruptcy Affects the Corporation Owner

Many business owners wonder how filing a business bankruptcy will affect their personal credit history, and while there is no exact answer to this wondering thought there are a few principles that apply to different business situations.

Talking With Your Adult Children About Bankruptcy

When your children are small, figuring out how to talk to them about money can be a challenge. As they grow up, it usually doesn't get any easier and many kids end up on the wrong financial road. If your kids end up in financial trouble, they…

The Importance of Honesty When Soliciting Bankruptcy Counsel

Coming to a realization that bankruptcy is a very real possibility is a sobering event for most people. Even business owners who believe that bankruptcy protection is the only way to keep the company afloat usually approach the task with a great…