Federal Estate Tax--the Basics

The Federal Estate Tax is a tax on every taxable item that a decedent leaves to his or her heirs. It applies to every United States citizen across the board but does have some exceptions, depending on the specific case. In the past few years, the tax has been changed and updated a few different times with some important changes.

Estate Planning Tips

No one likes to think about dying and leaving their loved ones behind. However, you need to plan ahead in case the unfortunate should happen. Estate planning is an essential step for you to take to ensure that your loved ones get what is entitled…

Do I Need a Living Will

One thing that many people do not like thinking about is what would happen to them if they became severely ill to the point they no longer had the ability to make decisions on their own. Unfortunately, this happens to many people every single day. One way to guard against this possibility is to create a living will.