What You Should Know About Getting A Criminal Case Dismissed

If you are facing criminal charges for a misdemeanor, infraction, or felony, the best possible outcome is to get your case dismissed. This outcome is attainable, but it will require a lot of effort and research. It is worthwhile, however, as…

Car Wreck Injuries: Legal Factors & Next Steps You Should Know

There are a few very important steps to take after you have gotten in a car accident, especially to save you on legal liabilities. The number one golden rule of a traffic accident is to stay at the scene, call a police officer and wait for him…

Legal Advice Following Automobile Accidents

You will want to seek out good legal advice to know how to proceed, to know what rights you have and what steps you should take. The following can help you to start this process.

The Development of Law and Equity - a Primer

England developed two independent legal systems in its history, and we refer to those systems as "law" and "equity." Today, we hardly notice the difference, notes Austin-based injury lawyer Adam Ward. The most common remedy a court of law can…

Federal Estate Tax--the Basics

The Federal Estate Tax is a tax on every taxable item that a decedent leaves to his or her heirs. It applies to every United States citizen across the board but does have some exceptions, depending on the specific case. In the past few years, the tax has been changed and updated a few different times with some important changes.

What is a Warrant Walkthrough?

Discovering that you have a warrant out for your arrest can be an intimidating experience. It raises the possibility that you could be arrested at almost any time if pulled over or if you have to go to a courthouse or police station for an unrelated…

Alimony and Child Support--An Overview

Alimony is distinct from child support, which calls upon the obligation of parents for the support of minor children, based on their ability to pay.