Discovering that you have a warrant out for your arrest can be an intimidating experience. It raises the possibility that you could be arrested at almost any time if pulled over or if you have to go to a courthouse or police station for an unrelated matter. There are many issues that a warrant can be issued for, such as an unpaid parking ticket or traffic violation. Judges issue warrants on a daily basis for unpaid fines, unpaid child support, missed court dates, and charges of a crime. A warrant walkthrough can prevent the embarrassment and inconvenience of an unexpected arrest. Additionally, this procedure may lead to keeping your arrest record clean, depending on the charges or reasons why the warrant was issued. Around the Clock Bail Bonds of Austin, Texas recommends a warrant walkthrough as a “very positive step in answering for an arrest warrant.” They advise their clients to complete a walkthrough in order to avoid the complications of an actual arrest.

What is a warrant walkthrough?

First of all, the specifics of a warrant walkthrough will vary greatly depending on the state–but even depending on the local jurisdiction. Your bail bondsman will know for sure. A warrant walkthrough is an arrangement with a bondsman that allows you to be booked and processed on a warrant by turning yourself in. For minor offenses, a warrant walkthrough can assure that you do not have to spend time in jail. Even for serious offenses, it is usually better to turn yourself in than to wait until police visit your home, place of business, or until you are stopped in traffic. Usually, a bond is set by a judge prior to an arrest, and in some cases, you can arrange a warrant walkthrough without having to post a bond by going through the court. First, you may wish to contact the court to see why a warrant has been issued and ask if a bond has been set if you are being charged with a crime. For unpaid misdemeanor fines, usually, you can arrange a court date and catch up prior to court to avoid an arrest and jail time.

Why arrange a warrant walkthrough?

Typically, you will not be able to resolve a matter with an active warrant simply by going to court, so you must take care of the warrant before to asking for a court date. A warrant is essentially a notice about why you will be required to appear in court and gives police power to arrest you. Even if the case will ultimately be dismissed, you can still be arrested and therefore must take care of the warrant. Turning yourself in demonstrates cooperation with the court system. This can help your case to show that you are not avoiding the matter or trying to evade law enforcement. If you have been charged with a serious crime, you may need to be booked into jail and post a bail bond with a bail bondsman. By having a bondsman on the case with the bond already prepaid, you will ensure that you spend as little time in jail possible.

How do I ask for a warrant walkthrough?

In order to arrange a warrant walkthrough, usually, you must first contact a bondsman and fill out paperwork to take care of the warrant. The bondsman will assist you in giving the court notice about the warrant and getting it served on you without an arrest. You will then be able to receive a court date and defend the matter or catch up on unpaid fines.

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