Dog Bite Injury Law

Data shows that approximately 2 percent of the US population, roughly 4.7 million citizens, will experience a dog bite this year alone. Knowing your rights and options should you find yourself in this grievous situation is vital, as dog bite injury law is complicated and variable dependent upon where you reside.

Long-term Personal Bankruptcy Implications

Declaring personal bankruptcy is one of the top stresses a family or individual can face. It is avoided at all costs and only considered as a means of last resort. In this troubled economy massive lay-offs have pushed many to financial ruin and so there has been a dramatic increase in personal bankruptcies.

How Business Bankruptcy Affects the Corporation Owner

Many business owners wonder how filing a business bankruptcy will affect their personal credit history, and while there is no exact answer to this wondering thought there are a few principles that apply to different business situations.

Marijuana Possession Penalties in Texas

Every state has strict laws regarding marijuana, and Texas is no exception.

Estate Planning Tips

No one likes to think about dying and leaving their loved ones behind. However, you need to plan ahead in case the unfortunate should happen. Estate planning is an essential step for you to take to ensure that your loved ones get what is entitled…

How to Apply for a Federal Tax Id on the Internet

The IRS tends to move this link around a bit, so we maintain a link to their online federal tax ID application form: Apply for a Federal Tax Id
Best State for Incorporation

What Is the Best State to Form a Corporation?

We have all seen the advertisements touting incorporation services in a particular state. These advertisements appear in media ranging from airline magazines to internet ads. Indeed, in the past thirty years, states have risen to challenge Delaware's…

Quick and Dirty Introduction to the Ins and Outs of Arbitration

What Is Arbitration? As a form of Alternative Dispute Resolution, arbitration involves a third-party person who acts as the decision maker for the conflict.  The arbitrator listens as two or more conflicting parties’ state their case and…

What to Expect When You Get a DWI in Texas

DWI refers to the act of driving while intoxicated, which is a crime in every U.S. state. DWI charges are not just for people who drive under the influence of alcohol. Drivers are also charged with this crime if they are under the influence…

Can Bankruptcy Stop Foreclosure?

Yes, bankruptcy can stop foreclosure--but not without careful planning, and not without consequences. Read on to learn how to make this important decision. Bankruptcy Stops All Legal Proceedings Bankruptcy stops all civil legal proceedings,…

Wisconsin LLC Basics

The following table sets forth a comprehensive summary of this state's LLC laws, filing requirements, taxation and more. Keep in mind though, that the information in this table is subject to the whim of each state's lawmakers, so the information…

Virginia Lemon Law

Below is a summary of Lemon Law rules and statutes in Virginia. Keep in mind that rules and laws change. It's always a good idea to confirm the rules your state's consumer protection agency or with further research. What Vehicles Are Covered…