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Are you looking to incorporate in Alabama ?  Are you trying to learn about Alabama incorporation or corporation laws?  The following summary can get you started on your path to incorporation.

Contact Information for Business Formation Assistance Alabama Secretary of State
Attn: Corporations Division
P.O. Box 5616
Montgomery, AL 36104
(334) 242-5324
Website Address
Corporation Filing Fees The fee for filing Articles of Incorporation is $40 payable to the Alabama Secretary of State; Articles of Incorporation must be filed in the county where the corporation’ s registered office is located. There are additional local fees payable to the Probate Judge and the County.
Corporation Name Reservation Information For Domestic Corporations: To reserve a corporate name, call the Alabama Corporations Call Center at (334) 242-5324 or fax (334) 240-3138 your request to the Corporations Division. If the name is available, you will be issued a ‘certificate of name reservation,” and you will have 120 days to file the certificate with your Articles of Incorporation. If you do not incorporate within the 120 days, your name reservation will expire and you owe the Secretary of State a $10 cancellation fee for the name reservation that was issued. After 120 days, you may renew ($10) the name reservation for an additional 120 days.For Foreign Corporations: To reserve a corporate name, you must submit an ‘Application for Registration of Foreign Corporate Name’ with a fee of between $5 and $12 dollars (see the form for an explanation).
Where to Get Incorporation Forms
Periodic Corporation Reporting Requirements Alabama corporations and qualified foreign corporations must file an Alabama Business Privilege Tax Return, which also serves as an annual report. This form is due by March 15.
Where to Get Corporation Tax Forms
Corporate Tax Summary Alabama’ s Corporate Franchise Tax was ruled unconstitutional in 1999. Alabama recently repealed the following business taxes: Corporate Entrance Fee and the Corporate Permit Fee. Alabama has unified its business entity tax under the Business Privilege Tax, to which Alabama corporations, and foreign corporations operating in Alabama are subject. The Privilege Tax ranges from .25% up to 1.75%, with a maximum Privilege Tax of $15,000 for LLCs. There is a helpful summary of Alabama’ s taxation scheme at
“S” Corporation Information Alabama requires the filing of Form 20S to qualify as an S corporation.

Are you ready to form your Alabama Corporation or LLC today?

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