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-This is a sample “MOV” or “method of verification” letter. It’s an advanced tool in a consumer’s credit repair arsenal. Before using it, you should read about Method of Verification.


701 Experian Parkway

Allen, TX 75013

RE: Fair Credit Reporting Act Request under § 611(a)(0)

To Whom It May Concern:

Time is of the essence with regard to this request. You have made an error in my credit reporting that is harming my ability to secure employment and credit. I have documented your errors, and I will continue to do so. I will avail myself of my rights under the Fair Credit Reporting Act if you continue to violate my rights.

This letter is a request under the Fair Credit Reporting Act §611(a)(7) following a request for investigation that I made under the section just previous in the FCRA, specifically §611(a)(6). I have received the results of my 611(a)(6) request, thank you for that. Please do not interpret this letter as a request for further investigation under 611(a)(6).

As you well know, the FCRA governs your handling of my personal information. And, my request today is my statutorily-granted right to learn the method and description of the reinvestigation procedure you utilized. Section 611(a)(7) states:

(7) Description of reinvestigation procedure
A consumer reporting agency shall provide to a consumer a description referred to in paragraph (6)(B)(iii) by not later than 15 days after receiving a request from the consumer for that description.

The specific entry for which I request a description of reinvestigation procedure is the following entry:

CountryWide Account No.: 5262****

You have already ignore a previous request for a description of the investigation procedure. In my original request for investigation, I state the following:

“Be advised that the description of the procedure used to determine the accuracy and completeness of the information is hereby requested as well, to be provided within 15 days of the completion of your reinvestigation.”

I received no response to my request.

I am sure that you can tell from this letter that I am familiar with my rights, and I am familiar with the Fair Credit Reporting Act. I am also familiar with my statutory right to damages if you conduct your stewardship of my personal information in a manner inconsistent with the clear dictates of the FCRA.

As such, I have already documented the errors you have made, and I will continue to do so. You must conduct your business not only in a manner that is convenient and economical for you–but also in a manner that comports with the FCRA. And, if you wish to farm out your responsibilities to CSC Credit Services, I will still expect that you meet the timelines imposed by the FCRA.

I look forward to receiving the description of the investigation procedure.

Yours truly,

Larry David

For the purposes of verification only, and not for correction, my personal information appears below: Larry David, 12/20/1984, 040-55-5555Current address: xxxxxxxxxxxxPrevious address: xxxxxxxxxxxx
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