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Federal Estate Tax–the Basics

The Federal Estate Tax is a tax on every taxable item that a decedent leaves to his or her heirs. It applies to every United States citizen across the board but does have some exceptions, depending on the specific case. In the past few years, the tax has been changed and updated a few different times with some important changes.

What is a Warrant Walkthrough?

Discovering that you have a warrant out for your arrest can be an intimidating experience. It raises the possibility that you could be arrested at almost any time if pulled over or if you have to go to a courthouse or police station for an unrelated matter. There are many issues that a warrant can […]

Understanding Debt Settlement vs. Bankruptcy

As many people attempt to sort through the remains of their financial life in the wake of the Great Recession and the real estate debacle of 2008, many of them who have never had to deal with debt have never had the occasion to differentiate between the different types of payback plans that are actually available […]

3 Whistleblower Claims that Changed History

Thousands of citizens observe wrongdoing everyday. Many remain indifferent, many look the other way for fear of economical and social repercussions in the event that they oppose the system. However, a few step forward and bring the offenses to light on behalf of the innocent individuals affected. W. Mark Felt-1972 Shortly before his death, former […]

Speaking with your Insurance Company About Storm Damage

Each time a hurricane strikes, homeowners hear stories about those who did not purchase the proper insurance coverage. While most homeowners with mortgages must carry hazard insurance, some actually find that their insurance covers a lot less than was expected. Even homeowners who think they have purchased adequate hurricane coverage can be surprised as insurance […]

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Sample Credit Inquiry Complaint Letter

The following letter is suitable for complaining about inquiries made on your credit report. Businesses and individuals are not allowed to “pull” your credit without a “legally permissible purpose.” A permissible purpose generally requires your authorization. This letter serves two purposes. First, it may get an inquiry removed from your credit report. Second, it can […]

Important Steps After a DUI Arrest

DUI laws can be confusing and daunting to navigate, and if you are the driver, there are many factors working against you in court and beyond. If you get a DUI, there are immediate steps you should take to protect yourself and make your current and future life easier. You do not have to let […]

Dog Bite Injury Law

Data shows that approximately 2 percent of the US population, roughly 4.7 million citizens, will experience a dog bite this year alone. Knowing your rights and options should you find yourself in this grievous situation is vital, as dog bite injury law is complicated and variable dependent upon where you reside.

Long-term Personal Bankruptcy Implications

Declaring personal bankruptcy is one of the top stresses a family or individual can face. It is avoided at all costs and only considered as a means of last resort. In this troubled economy massive lay-offs have pushed many to financial ruin and so there has been a dramatic increase in personal bankruptcies.