Are you looking to incorporate in Kentucky?  Are you trying to learn about Kentucky incorporation or corporation laws?  The following summary can get you started on your path to incorporation.

Secretary of State Contact Information Kentucky Secretary of State
700 Capital Avenue
Suite 152, State Capitol
Frankfort, KY 40601
(502) 564-3490
(502) 564-5687 (fax)
Secretary of State Address
Corporation Filing Fees The fee for filing Articles of Incorporation is $40, plus organization tax based on number of authorized shares. The organization tax is as follows: $.01 per share up to 20,000 shares, $5 per share on the next 180,000 shares, $2 per share on the remaining shares, with a minimum tax fee of $10 for 1,000 shares or less.
Corporation Name Reservation Information and Fees Kentucky incorporators may reserve a corporate name by filing an Application for Reserved Name, Form SSC-105, with the Kentucky Secretary of State along with a $15 fee. The name reservation remains effective for 120 days. Informal searches are available online, and by calling (502) 564-2848.
Incorporation Forms
Periodic Corporation Reporting Requirements Kentucky corporations and qualified foreign corporations must file an annual report, due by June 30 of each year beginning with the calendar year following the date of the corporation’ s formation or qualification. The filing fee is $15. The annual report form is not available online, the Secretary of State’ s office mails the form to registered agents between January and March of each year.
Corporation Tax Forms
Corporate Tax Summary Kentucky corporations and foreign corporations doing business in Kentucky are subject to an income tax, payable annually on Form 720. The tax rate is progressive, beginning at 4 percent and graduating to 8.25 percent.
“S” Corporation Information Kentucky recognizes the federal S corporation provision. The subchapter S election is automatic and no state specific forms need be filed to make the subchapter S election.

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