Rhode Island LLC – Rhode Island Limited Liability Company – LLC in Rhode Island

The following table sets forth a comprehensive summary of this state’s LLC laws, filing requirements, taxation and more.

Keep in mind though, that the information in this table is subject to the whim of each state’s lawmakers, so the information is constantly changing.

It’s a good idea to do a reality check with the Secretary of State’s office to confirm that the information is still current.

Secretary of State Contact Information Corporation Division
Rhode island Secretary of State
Office of the Secretary of State
100 North Main Street
First Floor
Providence, RI 02903
(401) 222-2357
(401) 222-1356 (fax)
LLC Filing and Assistance Website Address www.sec.state.ri.us
LLC Filing Fees The fee for filing Articles of Organization is $150. A foreign LLC must file an Application for Registration and submit a filing fee of $150.
LLC Name Reservation Information and Fees Rhode Island organizers may reserve an LLC name by filing an Application for Reservation of Entity Name with the Corporations Division accompanied by a $50 filing fee. The name reservation remains effective for 120 days.
Where to Get Corporation & LLC Formation Forms http://www2.corps.state.ri.us/corporations/forms
Periodic LLC Reporting Requirements Annual Reports must be filed with the Division between September 1 and November 1. Annual Report forms are not available on the Division’ s website, but can be requested by calling (401) 222-3040. The filing fee is $50.
Link to Get LLC Tax Forms www.tax.state.ri.us/form/form.htm
LLC Tax Summary Most LLCs must only pay the Rhode Island Franchise Tax of $250. LLCs classified as a corporation for federal tax purposes must file Rhode Island’ s corporate income tax return.
LLC Statute Chapter 7-16 of the General Laws of Rhode Island

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